The Secrets to App Success
on Google Play

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Go global by being local

Improve your app’s
discoverability and find
more users

Icons follow the system guidelines

Use distinct icons so users can quickly identify notifications from your app

Take notes and reminders

Extend your app’s visibility and usefulness with rich system notifications

Create great user experiences for different devices

Android smartphones and tablets are many users’ primary devices.

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Every Android app publisher should know the content of this book.

linda mccartney

This book gives complete information about Google Play Stores.


Most Important Apps Builder Policy Coveage.

victor garberl

“A pretty decent marketing companion if you are looking to get more exposure of your app in the Google Play store which will drive more downloads of your app.”

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Ensure that you’re familiar with the Google Play policies and guidelines, and apply them to your apps.

Our mission

Don’t stop at localizing your app.
Reach out to your international users
with marketing and support that is
relevant to them in their language.


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